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Step into a world of beauty and romance with this stunning photo of a bride in a chair, surrounded by lush hanging florals. The colorful blooms and delicate greenery create a stunning backdrop for this enchanting moment, capturing the essence of elegance, grace, and natural beauty. Get ready to be swept away by the sheer charm and romance of this unforgettable moment.

Working alongside you and your fiancé, our certified Wedding coordinators will guide
you through any and every step of the planning process.


Here are some of the services that we offer for consulting:

  • PERSONALIZED WEDDING BUDGET– this includes a meeting with the
    couple and any other decision makers of the wedding. After this meeting a

    personalized detailed budget will be created for you. You can use this budget
    when hiring vendors. This also includes personalized timelines and checklists.
    Ongoing budget management is also a great add-on to this service.


  • VENDOR SUGGESTIONS– a list of appropriate vendors that fit your style,
    budget and service


  • ATTENDANCE AT VENDOR MEETINGS– we can attend vendor meetings
    with you or on your behalf; helping with pricing and or contracts. This could be
    the initial meeting, where we get all the information that you need, follow up
    meetings, or final meeting, where the final details are spelled out and addressed.


  • WEDDING SHOPPING– one of our certified wedding consultant will go with
    you on your shopping journey and provide you with tips and suggestions on how
    to save money on your wedding attire. We can arrange for your dress to be
    steamed and delivered to you, we can even return your guests’ tuxedos after
    the wedding.


  • WEDDING DAY SCHEDULE/ITINERARY– create a wedding day timeline
    and schedule for all attendants, vendors and or person involved in making this
    day special.


  • PROPER WEDDING DAY ETIQUETTE– provide guidance in the area of
    proper manners and displaying good behaviour.


  • THEME DEVELOPMENT– help with making decisions on theme, color,
    centrepieces and the overall vision of your wedding day


  • OUT-OF-TOWN GUESTS– we will handle the accommodations for your
    out-of- town guests, including transportation, activities and welcome baskets.
    Accommodation cards will be created for your guests letting them know who,
    what, where and when.


    certified coordinators will be onsite to provide direction to ensure that the
    ceremony processional and recessional are correct. They will also oversee the
    “day of ” timeline and deliveries.


  • CREATIVE PROJECTS– we can help out with any creation projects you may
    have such as creating your own invitations, favours, centrepieces, flowers etc.

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