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When Newlyweds are asked what they would do differently on their wedding day,

most often they say ”they wish they had a professional assisting them on the

actual wedding day”.


For those who have planned their wedding, but would like a certified Wedding

planner on-hand at the wedding, to ensure all the details are addressed and

problems averted this is for you.


This service includes:


  • Initial meeting 30 days prior to the wedding; to obtain all vendor contracts and
    discuss what is expected

  • Unlimited contact by phone and email

  • Attendance at Ceremony rehearsal (2 hours)

  • An on-site visit of ceremony and reception site to address any questions or
    concerns with logistics

  • Create detailed itinerary outlining all events, deliveries, pick-ups and distribute
    to all wedding vendors

  • Main contact person to ensure all timelines are met

  • Supervision of reception and ceremony set-up

  • Complimentary assistant wedding planner for the day of the wedding

  • Supervision of wedding day photo session ensuring that all necessary photo’s
    are taken

  • Use of emergency kit for any last minute accidents (includes Advil, stain
    remover, gum, portable steamer etc.)

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