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Celebrate the power of love and togetherness with this heartwarming photo of a bride and groom with their furry friend, standing in front of a beautifully adorned floral gazebo. The colorful blooms is a stunning backdrop for this joyful moment, capturing the essence of family, love, and the beauty of nature. Get ready to be swept away by the sheer happiness and charm of this unforgettable moment.

When Newlyweds are asked what they would do differently on their wedding day,

most often they say ”they wish they had a professional assisting them on the

actual wedding day”.


For those who have planned their wedding, but would like a certified Wedding

planner on-hand at the wedding, to ensure all the details are addressed and

problems averted this is for you.


This service includes:


  • Initial meeting 30 days prior to the wedding; to obtain all vendor contracts and
    discuss what is expected

  • Unlimited contact by phone and email

  • Attendance at Ceremony rehearsal (2 hours)

  • An on-site visit of ceremony and reception site to address any questions or
    concerns with logistics

  • Create detailed itinerary outlining all events, deliveries, pick-ups and distribute
    to all wedding vendors

  • Main contact person to ensure all timelines are met

  • Supervision of reception and ceremony set-up

  • Complimentary assistant wedding planner for the day of the wedding

  • Supervision of wedding day photo session ensuring that all necessary photo’s
    are taken

  • Use of emergency kit for any last minute accidents (includes Advil, stain
    remover, gum, portable steamer etc.)

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