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10 things to do while in quarantine for Covid-19

Unless your a essential worker; your in quarantine like the rest of us. I don't even know how many days we've been in quarantine now or even what day of the week it is anymore. If your like me and you find yourself needing to come up for air, turn to this list. It’s our top 10 ideas for distractions and diversions during our quarantine time.

1. Take some self-care time. Practice guided meditation or take a nice long bath with some scented candles and a nice wine. Unwind and just relax

2. Put on some tunes and have a dance party. Listen to some of your favorite artists. Download one of these apps; Spotify, YouTube or SoundCloud to help you keep your music collection in one place.

3. Do some much-needed retail therapy. I know we can't go outside right now, but that doesn't mean you can't shop online. Now's the chance to support some local brands.

4. Discover your new favorite podcast. There are so many great podcasts out there. Try it, you may like it.

5. Try a new recipe. Try to make the funnel cake from Wonderland, or that sourdough bread you love from the restaurant around the corner. Now's the time to experiment - who knows this might be the time you pick up a side hustle.

6. Live-stream it up. Join the party — so many people are coming together and hosting virtual parties. Check some out on Instagram or Facebook

7. Bond over books. Join an online book club - check out Goodreads or Facebook for some great book clubs.

8. Have a group party online. We may be confined to our houses but we can still hang out with our friends using Houseparty, Google Hangout or Whatsapp.

9. Do an online challenge. Get a group of your friend's together and complete one of these challenges or do a solo challenge ...#PhotoADayChallenge, #UntilTomorrow, #FliptheSwitch #TrickShot or #DontRush

10. Remember we’re all in this together.This is the most important of all. We hope you take this time to relax, restore and reconnect with yourself and some of your favorite people — but remember social distancing.

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