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5 Unique Wedding Flower Idea's for your Big Day

At weddings, you’re used to seeing flowers in bouquets, centrepieces, and boutonnieres. But these traditional floral wedding accessories and décor elements aren’t the only way to incorporate flowers into your big day. How else can you use gorgeous blooms to up the “wow” factor at your wedding? Consider these 5 unique wedding flower ideas:

1. Aisle runner

Want something to complement your bouquet as you walk down the aisle? Consider having a floral aisle runner. Depending on the look of your wedding, you can opt for a traditional flower petal runner or line your aisle with handfuls of wildflowers. And the great news is that you can use these flowers for more than just your ceremony aisle—this wedding flower idea can do double duty as décor for your escort card or money box table.

2. Backdrop

What’s more gorgeous than saying “I do” in front of a floor-to-ceiling arrangement of blooms? Jazz up your ceremony space by placing a floral backdrop at the front of the room or area. This wedding flower idea won’t just create a true statement piece at your wedding. It’ll also make for some exquisite ceremony photos. Floral backdrops add beauty in all types of ceremony venues, including traditional, modern, and industrial spaces.

3. Hanging displays

Raise the bar at your reception by hanging an enchanting display of flowers from the ceiling. Hanging arrangements are a great way to bring the outdoors inside even if your reception is in a banquet hall or ballroom. You can make this unique wedding flower idea come to life just with flowers or by adding light fixtures to the mix. And if you need to reduce the cost, you can always incorporate more greenery and fewer blooms into the display.

4. Hanging pomanders

If a full hanging display turns out to be too pricey or over the top for you, there’s another wedding flower idea to consider: hanging pomanders. Hanging spheres of flowers, floral pomanders can be hung outside on trees to decorate a ceremony or reception area. And with the right ceiling and support, you can hang them indoors to create a whimsical look over your tables and dance floor.

5. Floating arrangements

Have a pool or pond at your venue? Take advantage of the perk by asking your florist to create floating floral arrangements. Designed to float on the surface of water, these stunning arrangements are sure to impress your guests (and create the perfect spot for wedding selfies). You can even add candles to create elegant arrangements that continue to add glamour to your big day into the evening.

These wedding flower ideas are just the beginning

The wedding flower ideas we’ve shared above are creative ways to incorporate florals into your big day. But they aren’t your only options. In fact, when it comes to using flowers at weddings, the sky is the limit. So if you want to create a statement décor element, impress your guests, or transport your family and friends to an enchanted forest, don’t be afraid to put your florist to the test.

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Want to make your wedding a gorgeous celebration your guests never forget? Consider these 5 unique wedding flower ideas for your big day.

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