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8 Must haves for every wedding welcome basket

Welcome baskets are a fabulous way to welcome your out of town guests! Placed in the hotel rooms before they arrive, your out of town guests are greeted by a lovely bag or basket of goodies to thank them for traveling and being a part of your special day. They’ve spent a lot of money or airfare and hotel expenses in order to be a part of your day, so it’s a nice gesture to provide a package for them when they arrive at their hotel.

Here is a list of eight must haves for every welcome basket!

Custom Bag

All of the goodies need to be placed in something, why not make the bag a part of the gift? There are plenty of online stores that sell custom bags. It’s something your guests can definitely use again and doubles as a memento from your wedding day that they can use again and again.


Don’t leave them guessing! Print out a little welcome message from the bride and groom and include the weekend’s activities on the print out. Include addresses and times for the rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, reception and day after brunch. If you are providing transportation, be sure to include times and places to meet to catch the shuttle or bus.


If guests have rented cars and will be driving, they may be new to the city and will need directions to the important events. Include maps that they can reference – they will really appreciate it!

Things To Do

If guests are in town for the entire weekend, they will need things to do. Include information for fun touristy hot spots where guests can spend time when they aren’t at wedding events. Provide information on great restaurants and pubs that are close by so your guests know where the good places are to get a bite and a cocktail. Does your city have some great site seeing tours? Provide information so they can have some fun in between the wedding festivities.


Guests will really appreciate having some light snacks on hand to enjoy. Vending machine snacks aren’t always very tasty, and hotel room service can be expensive. Fruit like apples and oranges, snack crackers, muffins and trail mix are great choices and will help tie them over until their next meal.


Providing some bottles of water or cans of juice and iced tea is a very thoughtful gesture. Your guests will appreciate having something on hand when they get thirsty from munching on all of the great snacks you provided!

Gum and Mints

Who doesn’t appreciate having some gum and mints on hand when attending a wedding? Eating a flavorful meal and then mingling afterwards can make people feel self-conscious about having bad breath. Again, the out of town guests will appreciate you thinking of them.


Everyone has travelled and had an instance where having that one little thing on hand would have been so helpful! A small sewing kit, Tide To Go, Tylenol, antacid, static guard – a variety of little travel items that an out of town guest might not necessarily bring themselves and would appreciate having on hand.

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