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Five 2018 South Asian Wedding Trends That Will Wow Your Guests

There may still be a few weeks left in 2017, but the 2018 wedding season is just around the corner. Even if your wedding isn’t until the summer or fall of the upcoming year, it’s never too early to cross items off your planning to-do list. What’s the best way to add a touch of style to your wedding and wow your guests? Incorporate these 5 hot 2018 South Asian wedding trends into your event:

1. Lehenga blouses with Western elements Want a unique yet traditional look for your wedding? Wear a lehenga blouse with Western design elements on your big day. This 2018 South Asian wedding trend puts a spin on traditional bridal wear by fusing South Asian colours and embroidery with Western cuts. These include blouses with cut outs or cold shoulders, bralettes, corsets, and capes or cape sleeves. They’re the perfect way to honour Eastern traditions while indulging your inner fashionista.

2. Simpler mehndi designs

What’s the easiest way to spot a new South Asian bride in a crowd? Look for the gorgeous mehndi designs on her hands and feet. However, when it comes to 2018 South Asian wedding trends, bridal mehndi is taking on a different look. Being a South Asian bride used to mean sitting for hours while a mehndi artist painted intricate designs well past your elbows and almost up to your knees. But these days, brides are opting for simpler designs that cover just their hands and feet. It’s a trend that not only looks great but will also give you more time to spend with friends and family right before your big day.

3. Floral accessories

Floral jewellery has been a staple for mehndis and sangeets for generations. But this 2018 South Asian wedding trend isn’t about wearing floral earrings, tikkas, or mathapattis. Instead, 2018 is the year of floral crowns and floral kaleere. Like the Western-inspired lehenga blouse, floral crowns and kaleere are a great way to put a unique spin on a traditional Eastern look. They’re also guaranteed to leave guests gushing over your creativity.

4. Minimal white mandaps South Asian weddings are known for being colourful, but who says you have to follow the crowd? When selecting your wedding décor, merry tradition with modern simplicity by choosing a minimal white mandap. Instead of competing with you and your partner-to-be for your guests’ attention, these mandaps let the two of you take centre stage. They also look great in outdoor settings with lots of natural light.

5. Engagement shoots Although engagement or pre-wedding shoots aren’t unheard of among South Asian couples, they’re becoming increasingly popular. Engagement shoots aren’t just for taking photos that you can frame and display at your reception. This 2018 South Asian wedding trend is also a great way to get to know your photographer and get used to posing for shots. (You may be a selfie pro, but this is an entirely different ball game).

Doing an engagement shoot also gives you the option of creating a photographic guest book. This way, guests can view your photos while wishing you and your partner well.

Consider these 2018 South Asian wedding trends

You don’t have to abandon your South Asian culture to give your upcoming wedding a unique look and feel. Instead, you can fuse elements of Eastern and Western traditions by considering these five 2018 South Asian wedding trends when planning your big day. They’ll impress your guests and make your wedding an event they’ll never forget.

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