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The 8 Most Important Questions to Ask When You Interview Wedding Planners

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

Your wedding planner is one of the most important vendors you’ll hire for your wedding (if not the most important). After all, he or she will be responsible for transforming the vision you have for your big day into a reality. Because your wedding planner will play such a critical role in your wedding, it’s important to select the right one. This means hiring a planner who isn’t just experienced but also fits your personality. How do you know which planner on your short list is right for you? Be sure to ask these 8 key questions when you interview wedding planners:

1. Are you available on our wedding date?

Why you should ask: When you interview wedding planners, you’ll need to know if they’re available on the dates you’re considering for your big day. This way, you can rule planners out if you’ve already settled on a firm date. And if you can be flexible, you’ll know which dates they still have open.

2. What services do you offer?

Why you should ask: Although it may seem obvious that wedding planners offer some form of wedding planning, the exact services they provide can vary. That’s why it’s important to ask about the specific services they offer when you interview wedding planners. Do they offer full-service planning, partial planning, day-of coordination, or all of the above? If you’re looking for a particular service, you’ll want to know which planners offer it.

3. How do you charge?

Why you should ask: You may feel awkward about asking this when you interview wedding planners. But it’s an important part of the conservation, and planners expect it to come up. Ask the planners on your short list whether they charge a flat fee, an hourly rate, or a percentage of your total wedding cost. This way, you’ll know what to expect right off the bat.

4. What is the average cost of the weddings you plan?

Why you should ask: When you interview wedding planners, it may seem like enough to ask about how much they’ll charge you for their services. However, it’s also important to find out the average total cost of the weddings they plan. You may be willing to splurge on an industry-leading luxury wedding planner. But if she or he is used to working with only the most expensive vendors, you may end up going way over your budget or being unable to take advantage of your planner’s expertise and connections. To avoid this problem, some planners have a minimum wedding budget they work with.

5. How do you select vendors to recommend and hire?

Why you should ask: All experienced planners have relationships with particular vendors. This can improve the service you get from vendors and even help you snag deals. However, it may pose a challenge if you already have other vendors in mind. When you interview wedding planners, ask them who they work with and why. Be sure to find out if they receive a commission from their preferred vendors.

6. How will we work together?

Why you should ask: Different planners have different ways of approaching wedding planning. Some like to involve clients at every step whereas others prefer to work on their own and consult with clients only at key stages. When you interview wedding planners, find out how they work, how they’ll correspond with you, whether they’ll visit vendors with you, and whether there’s a limit on meetings or phone calls.

7. What will happen if you’re unable to be present on the day of our wedding?

Why you should ask: Illnesses, car accidents, and family emergencies happen. That’s why when you interview wedding planners, it’s important to ask them what their plan is if an emergency prevents them from being present at your wedding. Remember, your wedding planner will be the person who has all of the information about your wedding and how it’s supposed to come together. You want to know that you planner has a solid backup plan in place if he or she suddenly can’t make it.

8. How many weddings have you planned?

Why you should ask: As you would when hiring any vendor, it’s important to ask about experience when you interview wedding planners. Ask your potential planners how many weddings they have planned before to gauge their expertise. If applicable, you can also ask about their experience with particular ethnic or religious weddings.

Ask the right questions when you interview wedding planners

Although it’ll be temporary, your relationship with your wedding planner will be an important one. That’s why you want to make sure that you choose a wedding planner who is skilled, well-connected, resourceful, trustworthy, and a good fit for your personality. Use the 8 questions we’ve listed above to narrow your short list of wedding planners down to the one that’s right for you.

Need help planning one of the most important days of your life? Contact us to learn how we can make your dream wedding a reality.

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