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Wedding Color Combinations we know you’ll Love

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

As you begin to consider the look and feel of your wedding, think about color: The hues you love — as well as those you dislike. ⁠

It's common to question where to begin when determining your color pallet for your wedding. You should find something that inspires you; maybe a place ( Greece or Hawaii) or a mood (serene or joyously). Get your creative juices going by going through Pinterest or getting some paint chips at a hardware store or fabrics at a craft center.

The easiest places to incorporate your palette are going to be in floral design (bouquets, centerpieces, ribbons), tabletop (linens, tableware, vessels), lighting and printed items — all can be used to display color and introduce your palette to your guests⁠

Here are some color pallets to help you.

Brown & Pine Green

Off-White & Hunter Green

Gold & Plum Wine

Gold & Evergreen

Maroon & Deep Purple

Magenta & Sage

Scarlet, Brown & Burgundy

Cherry Red & Purple

Green, Pink & Black

Brown, Maroon & Salmon

Blue Hues

Pink & Red'ish

Beige & Brown

Red & Maroon shades

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